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Case Study: Medical Launch Readiness Framework

Case Study: Medical Launch Readiness Framework


A client wanted to update their launch readiness framework for their global, regional and local operating company (LOC) organisation medical function.  The client was expecting to launch a number of new assets, including those with companion diagnostics as well as those that qualify as ‘Advanced Medicinal Therapeutic Products (ATMPs).  The framework in operation was outdated and did not reflect the full-range of value that Medical Affairs could bring, more so Medical Affairs was positioned as that of a service provider to the commercial teams.

Our Actions:

Circuit Medical worked with the VP, Global Medical Affairs to scope the project and then initiated a series of 1:1s with key internal stakeholders, including the VP of Global Commercial, the US Business Unit and others, collecting insights as well as feedback on barriers/challenges experienced.  Taking all insights into consideration, along with the scope, Circuit Medical formed a core working group within Global Medical Affairs, and updated the framework.  The framework was divided into inter-dependent chapters and each chapter was tested with framework users and improvements then captured iteratively.  Once updated, the framework was rolled-out to the whole business unit, along with use-cases and ‘champions’ who helped to translate the framework into practical usage and could help to embed the new framework and support the change.

The Outcomes:

The updated framework was delivered to the client to their satisfaction and on time.  The framework has been used for product launches with positive feedback.  The updated framework has also led to the systematic update of other functions launch frameworks and an updated enterprise-wide launch framework is also in development.  The feedback that stood out related to the realisation of what Medical Affairs could do in the pre-launch phase as well as the potential to do more across the organisation.

Circuit Medical has worked on numerous launches across multiple therapeutic areas and with many different therapeutic modalities, get in touch to find out more about how we can support your launches and raise your launch expectations.

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