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Capability Building

Along with the rise in expectations of Medical Affairs, comes with it the responsibility to deliver. Despite these growing expectations, modern Medical Affairs doesn’t just come with a ‘master training manual’ to refer to.


About This Service

All too often we encounter situations where capabilities are being built whilst people are expected to deliver at a high-level, leading to less-than-optimal outcomes.

We offer tailored capability building programmes according to your needs, ranging from 1:1 personal delivery (mentorship or coaching) to group sessions designed to cover leadership as well as technical capabilities.

Our strong belief is that capabilities should continuously be developed to provide for better longer-term solutions that lead to greater innovative and improved productivity.

We constantly benchmark to ensure we are providing the latest thinking and techniques to build leading capabilities.

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Where We Can Support You


Tailored solutions

We appreciate that your capability development needs may vary according to your situation, we don’t offer you standard programmes, instead, we build them according to your needs


Technical capabilities

We offer a broad programme of technical skills capability building e.g. evidence generation, scientific communications, launching digital therapeutics and more. Whatever aspect of Medical Affairs you are looking to develop, we can help.


Leadership capabilities

Very few people are natural born leaders and even if you are lucky to be a natural leader, development is still required to be competitive. Modern Medical Affairs requires good leaders and we tailor our leadership development to your needs.


Infrastructure development

Creating a systematic learning and development culture is critical to success. We deliver infrastructure solutions that enable your teams to continuously build and perform to a high standard.

More On This Service

Capability building never starts, stops or has an in-between. We believe in the journey of learning and continuous improvement

Modern Medical Affairs thrives on a culture of continuous learning and a growth mindset. Good leadership can help teams to operate successfully in these uncertain times. We tailor our support to enable you to thrive.

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Why Choose Circuit Medical

We are relentless in our pursuit to help take your Medical Affairs delivery to a new level.  Click on Circuit Medical Consulting to find out how.

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