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Launch Readiness & Planning

You only have one launch, getting it right is the ultimate goal for your organisation, the healthcare providers you work with and the patients your assets are developed for. However, today we still find that only 20% of launches improve on their first 6-month trajectory.


About This Service

How often do we hear the phrase that we know the earlier we prepare for launch, the better the outcomes?

But pre-launch activities and investment are difficult to justify as they are recorded as current year P&L losses, and assumptions for future sales forecasts are often disputed.

Medical Affairs is one of the few functions that can legitimately have a huge impact on launch success.  Are you optimising your launch preparations?

Circuit Medical has been involved with over 25 launches and we are primed to rapidly execute on your launches.

We work with you to concentrate on the highest value activities for launch.

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Where We Can Support You


Launch readiness frameworks

Investing in Medical Affairs pre-launch activities is not only relatively low risk, but is also highly effective for launch success.

Medical is one of the only functions that can legitimately play a broad pre-launch role. Medical can add value by co-creating real world outcomes with key external stakeholders through supporting changes in clinical practice as well as early clinical acceptance of innovations.

We work to develop launch frameworks that drive improvements in delivery of Medical Affairs leadership that is embedded in a cross-functional manner for all the organisation to benefit.


Launch readiness planning for assets

We concentrate on your ideal outcomes first and look to drive early changes in clinical practice and patient outcomes with your asset.

We work rapidly with your teams and concentrate on:

  • Understanding your healthcare stakeholders needs.
  • Opportunities to co-create solutions with healthcare stakeholders.
  • Advancing scientific exchange and advocacy.
  • Developing transformative evidence generation solutions that change real-world practice and increase scientific understanding.
  • Driving acceptance of your asset as a therapeutic option.
  • Driving innovation within team plans.
More On This Service

Launches drive us because we believe it is so important for people to have access to new innovations that could literally transform their lives

Whether you need support with ‘Launch Excellence’ and improving how you generally approach launch preparations involving Medical, or need support with an asset launch, Circuit Medical has plenty of experience and is well prepared with the latest thinking and practices around launching successfully.

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Why Choose Circuit Medical

We are relentless in our pursuit to help take your Medical Affairs delivery to a new level.  Click on Circuit Medical Consulting to find out how.

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