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MSL Excellence

High performing MSLs can transform what Medical Affairs does for and with it’s stakeholders. Are you making the most of this opportunity?

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About This Service

Medical Science Liaison (MSL) roles or equivalents are not only essential to any successful organisation these days, they also provide competitive advantages.

MSLs can and should be doing so much more than just engaging in scientific exchange or act as a field medical information team.

The value of an MSL team can be derived in a number of ways and we can help you to set your teams up, develop their strategy as well as support their deliverables and measure their value.

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Optimising The MSL Function


The Value of

Our research is constantly identifying how to gain most value and strategic alignment from the many facets of the MSL role as well as the skills required to succeed.


Integrated team performance

The MSL team are part of the overall Medical Affairs set-up end to end and are not considered a separate entity. We work to ensure MSLs are considered as part of a ‘One Medical Affairs’ team.



We can support you in defining your MSL strategy. We can support you to identify how best to deploy any MSL or equivalent roles as well as the support required to be successful in role.

More On This Service

A modern Medical Affairs team requires an integrated, high-performing MSL role to be competitive these days.

Circuit Medical can help you explore how MSLs or equivalents are best suited to your organisational needs as well as structure roles for success.

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Why Choose Circuit Medical

We are relentless in our pursuit to help take your Medical Affairs delivery to a new level.  Click on Circuit Medical Consulting to find out how.

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