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Strategic Scientific/Medical Communications

Medical communications are considered one of the cornerstones of Medical Affairs. However, not all plans are effective or effectively executed.

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About This Service

Strategic medical communications drive the way people interact with any asset and are pivotal to influencing eventual behaviours around how any therapeutic is used.

Despite this significance, we have found that medical communications plans are not always effective executed. This is usually down to:

  • Lack of alignment of medical and overall communications objectives and lack of realised ambition;
  • Messages not being clearly understood or remembered;
  • Channel use not optimised.
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Where We Can Support You


Agreeing Overall Communication Objectives

We start by agreeing and then aligning overall and medical communications objectives.


Aligning Communications plans and narratives

Translating communications objectives into a narrative that resonates with the audience in the intended manner and aligns with your communication goals .


Channel Mix

Choosing the right channels to support an omnichannel experience helping you to achieve your targeted objectives.


Reviewing Delivery
vs. Plan

We can support you keep on top of your plan by highlighting risks and solutions.


Agreeing Tactics, Metrics and KPIs

Find the right tactics, metrics and KPIs so that your plan is doing what it should and focusing on outcomes as well as outputs.


Understanding Opportunities and Risks

We’ll highlight areas of opportunity and risk so that you are well prepared to execute on your plan effectively.

More On This Service

Strategic Scientific/Medical Communications Planning is an essential foundation for all communication activities because it influences how key external stakeholders perceive your organisation and its therapeutics

Due to time pressures, we have found that organisations are rushed to execute on medical communications plans but may not have fully defined outcomes and goals or learnt from previous activities.  Before executing on plans, we work with you to make sure your plans are robust, accountable and set-up for success.

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Why Choose Circuit Medical

We are relentless in our pursuit to help take your Medical Affairs delivery to a new level.  Click on Circuit Medical Consulting to find out how.

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